When it comes to shopping accessories, it’s not uncommon to experience a clash between needs and wants. We see something that captures our attention but we instantly realize the fact that we can’t use that particular item as often as we would like to. Going on the practical route and opting for versatility doesn’t necessarily mean losing excitement and the Alexander Wang label brings plenty of fabulous examples which aim to meet the majority of women’s expectations.

While many alternatives soon to hit the market have fashion statement written all over them, the new Alexander Wang handbags for fall/winter 2012-2013 have a subtler allure and a tremendous functional perspective. For the most part, the label brings investment pieces one can wear over and over without fearing to look dated the next season. Since most women need all the functionality they can get, they can certainly benefit from choosing one of the many fab roomy ones that will match a variety of occasions. There is definitely a grand variety of fab alternatives to choose from in this department.

Handbag styles also offer an interesting perspective. While totes are considered by many a primarily warm seasons style, the brand brings a multitude of refined options to challenge this assumption and meet the practical needs. Crossbody bags are also a fairly interesting style for the days your practical requirements are low. Though there are a variety of alternatives in tones like black, white or beige, the label doesn’t shy away from bolder touches which also happen to be trendy for the new season.

For the upcoming months, inspiration from the animal world, be it print or texture-wise will most likely prove impossible to escape. These fabulous tendencies are also reflected in the new collection by the high end label in a variety of ways which range from subtle and abstract to bold, daring and even slightly edgy. With fab metallic accents and classy, interesting shapes, the new designs instantly hit the covetable list for the rainy days. With well defined criteria, you can have everything you want in your accessories and the newest collection is a fabulous reflection of this idea.

Photo courtesy of Alexander Wang