The Alexander McQueen pre-spring 2013 clutch bag collection is filled with impressive edgy alternatives that will definitely leave you mesmerized. Check out the new designs!

It's always fascinating to uncover new beauties from high end labels which have set the tone for trends over the years. Alexander McQueen is one of the labels which has become synonym with whimsical designs that become major hits among customers and brand fans. The pre-spring 2013 collection is no exception. Going over the top is one of the regular perspectives designer Sarah Burton embraces and the results are worth more than a thousand words.

Luxury and sophistication are being injected in each and every new alternative presented. The brand takes inspiration from nature and puts a delightfully fresh perspective on it. Floral prints receive even more great contrasts as symbols such as dragonflies and birds are added for a fabulous complex theme which invariably makes one want to take a closer look. The label has started a frenzy with the knuckle duster element added on some iconic clutches and we continue to see this edgy addition as a viable alternative for the new year.

 Alexander McQueen Pre Spring 2013 Clutches  Alexander McQueen Pre Spring 2013 Clutches

Another style element popularized by the label, the skull symbol, also becomes a leitmotif of the new collection in the same glam approach we have gotten used to. From the regular vibe to the rhinestones and contrasting tones, the bold symbol is instantly the eye-catcher women looking for modern touch are looking for. Studs and sequins are another fun alternative for those who prefer contrasting textural touches rather than prints for adding a strong focal point to their outfits.

The British flag symbol is also interpreted in a myriad of fun perspectives that range from fairly casual to over the top and extremely fun. There are also a few pieces that stay in the more subdued range and can prove worthwhile choices for investment shoppers, however, the majority of these fab designs are definitely destined to add the 'wow' factor to any look and make an effortless statement every single time with their unique vibes.

 Alexander McQueen Pre Spring 2013 Clutches  Alexander McQueen Pre Spring 2013 Clutches  Alexander McQueen Pre Spring 2013 Clutches

Photo courtesy of Alexander Mcqueen