Looking for your signature handbag? Chances are the Alexander McQueen Heroine handbag collection already features at least a few characteristics of the 'it' bag you dream of. Check out the latest offerings of the high-end label.

Whimsical touches, dream-worthy designs and utter sophistication have become the trademarks of the Alexander McQueen brand. Incorporating creative touches has never been a problem for the label which become renowned for a multitude of statement bags that stole all the spotlight on the runways or for different important events. But most of these characteristics fade a bit in favor of extra versatility and elegance. The Heroine bags from the pre-fall 2012 collection are more focused on the signature bag status with a strong luxurious touch associated to it.

Monochrome pieces take the place of super colorful and embellished alternatives which would only work for very specific occasions. With lots of room for ensuring no important pieces are ignored and a cool color palette to choose from, the label makes sure to bring the most sought after characteristics and translate them into sophisticated pieces that can complement a variety of outfits.

Even though monochrome pieces are undoubtedly a fabulous choice, those who love fashion will inevitably look for a little bit of pattern to make things more interesting. The Heroine collection features a few interesting touches for those who make things a little more interesting. Exotic skin textures aim to fulfill the need for edginess without necessarily giving up on versatility. The options vary according to various style perspectives. Still, regardless of the things that make us swoon when thinking about the brand, high class, exquisite quality and a good understanding of consumer needs are once again fabulously reflected in the new line.

Photo courtesy of Alexander McQueen