This special collaboration between Canadian handbag designer Jessica Jensen and young New York designer Alexander Berardi was born one year ago and materialized into a line of limited edition handbags. The spring 2011 collection features lovely handbags that perfectly complete Berardi’s collection for the upcoming warm season.

There is something rather exceptional about these handbags that can be characterized by a certain interesting casual-glamorous combination. All the basket weaves, totes and clutches are chic, yet highly versatile, and are made of Italian leather with handcrafted workmanship using the woven technique called “intrecciato” which is, in fact, Jensen’s signature.

Speaking about the collaboration, Jessica Jensen says: “It’s so nice to collaborate with a ready-to-wear designer; you get a whole story.” Jensen also added that she always imagines clothing when she conceives her collections. “You know what it looks like in your head,” she said.

We don’t know if she imagined the items in the Berardi collection when working on her own line, yet one thing is for sure and that her handbags complete his spring/summer 2011 collection in a faultless way. “You’re designing for a woman and you want to build a whole world around her,” Berardi explained. Fresh and youthful, yet so sophisticated, his collection was inspired by Godard’s movie “Breathless”.

One can see breezy fabrics, sheerness, sequins, nautical stripes, feminine dresses, high-waisted shorts and pants, and blazers, khaki and camel shades, but can also admire some simple, yet very effective accessories. As a unique touch, fabrics from Berardi’s spring/summer 2011 collection were threaded through the woven leather of the handbags and tied in pretty bows around the handle.

The Alexander Berardi for Jessica Jensen spring 2011 collection is not the last one and it will undoubtedly be followed by a few stunning ones. “I had planned some other collaborations but he and I might just stick together another few seasons,” Jensen says. The 24-year-old New York designer also added: “Break up? No way!”