Most women tend to favor either clutches or totes, but every basic type of bag is important for a stylish wardrobe. If you love bags, but you tend to stick to one shape, discover the 5 bags every woman should own and 5 extras for true fashionistas.

Once you’re familiar with each handbag and its proper use, you can easily fill in any gaps in your bag collection, making sure that you buy each new piece after analyzing how it coordinates with your outfits. 

Check out the bags every woman should own and a few extras for fashionistas.

Evening Clutch

The most elegant bag you need is the evening clutch. Small enough to fit your phone, keys and credit cards, the evening clutch can be conservative or ultra-modern, but it needs to shine. 

Evening Clutch Bag

At the top of the list of bags every woman should own, the evening clutch should be purchased based on your evening looks, but doesn’t need any special matching.


A structured top-handle bag is the elegant and practical choice when it comes to the workbag. Mixing style with functionality, your workbag should be in a neutral color, so it rarely clashes with your outfits. 

Daytime Workbag

If you need to carry files or a small laptop or tablet, make sure your structured workbag has a separate compartment in the right size for your work.

Cross-Body Bag

Ideal for most errands, the cross-body bag frees both of your hands, so you can easily text while enjoying your coffee. 

Cross Body Bagsource

It’s easy to go big when it comes to cross-body bags, so make sure you set a limit of 9-10 inches in diagonal, so you’re never tempted to overstuff your bag. The cross-body is one of the main bags every woman should own, but you don’t have to stick to neutrals as much as for a workbag.

Universal Tote Bag

If you need more space, the tote bag is your top choice. It can double as a baby bag or even beach bag, but it can’t replace the weekender completely. Make sure you choose the right tote for you, depending on the amount of thing you’ll stuff it with. 

Large Tote Bag

Sturdy handles that are also comfortable when you wear it on your shoulder are a good idea.


Well structured and charmingly elegant, the weekender or 48-hour bag can be a statement piece if you’ve got the budget for it. It’s definitely one of the bags every woman should own, retaining its shape even when it’s filled to the brim.

Weekend Bagsource

Used for travelling in style, the weekender is also a good choice for any short trip that isn’t suited to your universal tote bag.

Bucket Bag

The first of the 5 extra bags every fashionista should own, the bucket or drawstring bag adds a funky edge to any casual outfit. While you may skip it in favor of the universal tote, the bucket bag has its special charm. 

Bucket Bag

Check the handles and the closure, which may feature a drawstring or a clasp, before buying, so you know your things will stay put inside.

Day Clutch

A perfect companion to the evening clutch, the day one offers you a slim option for casual daytime activities when you don’t want to carry around everything in your cross-body or workbag. 

Daytime Clutch

It’s not one of the bags every woman should own, but it’s the perfect accessory for brunch.


Statement/Quirky Bag

Chanel Fuchsia Boy Bag

For a true fashionista, the statement bag is a must! It can be bigger than a clutch, but it certainly needs to be smaller than a tote if you want to wear it in the evenings as well. 

Quirky Bag

Whether the statement bag sports a special print, shape or decorations, you can make the most out of it by pairing it with a little black dress, so make sure it goes well with your more elegant outfits.

Canvas Tote

Soft and light, the canvas tote is the best idea for trips to the farmer’s market. 

Canvas Tote

Even if it’s not one of the bags every woman should own, the canvas can bring casual charm to your look, if you pick a vintage or printed design.

Gym Bag

If you feel your universal tote isn’t sporty enough and you don’t want to go to the gym with your cool weekender, the gym bag becomes a must for fashionistas. 

Stylish Gym Bag

It’s a good purchase even if you’re not seen at the gym a lot and it completes the must-have bags for a woman who wants to impress with her style every day. 

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