This year designers have created amazing purses from quilted handbags and bags with chunky chains. The color pallet of the handbags vary widely from simple black to rainbow colors.

Depending on what you are wearing you can choose from oversized clutches, quilted purses, leather handbags or fringe handbags. One of the most important thing about handbags this is the color. The colors used are very bright and fun. They can be bright yellow, green, pink, light blue, black and white combinations or separates, red, tan or with animal prints.

The purse doesn’t necessarily need to match your shoes or anything whatsoever, it can just bring a touch of color to your outfit. All you need to do is make sure it works well with the rest of your outfit.

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Oversized bags made of any type of fabric are still in style this summer. They are great because they bring the attention over them and you can carry with you everything you need. They are comfortable, roomy and can complete an outfit. They are intended for casual wear and are not so appropriate for special occasions.

Chain strap handbags are great. There are several designs to choose from, from oversized bags with chain handles to clutches with brass chain. They can be matched to almost any outfit.

Medium size handbags are intended for casual as well as formal wear. They are great, comfortable and have sufficient space to carry your personal belongings with you. There are several designs to choose from depending on your preferences. Because the styles and fabrics are numerous they can be worn for almost any occasion.

Clutches are very cute and feminine. They are a great choice for formal or evening wear. The designs and fabrics they are made of vary from brand to brand. The materials used can go from leather or different skins to sateen and sequins. They come in various shapes and colors and because they are smaller they contribute to a more sophisticated look.