The bar is set fairly high at Paris Couture Fashion Week 2012 where unique style perspectives with carefully highlighted details merge for a spectacular display of color, elegance and refinement. All these characteristics fall right in line with the choices that the Zuhair Murad label has gotten us used to over the years. The alternatives are once again tailored to meet the needs for sophistication and femininity with that special vibe that inevitably attracts attention and a distinguishable feeling of instant admiration.

Blending a variety of interesting concepts while simultaneously creating fabulous proportions, the designs , whether we are talking about formal wear or evening gowns that make our imagination go wild become ultra covetable within seconds. Bold necklines, purposefully bold sheer touches along with tiny crystals manage to become the defining elements that transform the options into dream-worthy masterpieces. The prevalence of the floral prints for the months to come is also highlighted beautifully throughout the collection.

Whether you’re into modest yet ultra flattering options or you think that sexy, revealing, bold alternatives are the ones that most highlight your personality, the label has prepared a variety of options to select from. From girly, colorful embellishments to high splits and bold sheer touches and everything in between, the brand does its best to provide possible customers with an array of delightful alternatives for every style preference. From well selected shine to fab prints and well placed accents, the alternatives are definitely generous.

A timeless allure blends with the desire for modern touches meant to leave the entire audience breathless. While the perspective might differ across the collection when it comes to focal points or even fabric choices, the wow factor is definitely present in each and every single piece of the line. Staying fabulous and sophisticated is a fairly simple task when elegance and refinement become the most important criteria the outfits are built after. With all this gorgeous selection of options available choosing just a handful of best outfits proves fairly challenging.

Photo courtesy of WWD