The latest Zara TRF Spring/Summer 2012 campaign offers only a short insight into the upcoming collection for rising fashionistas. The TRF branch of this highly-acclaimed brand is definitely designed to meet the ever-changing style expectations of younger generations. For this summer we have the chance to see a set of amazing floral printed fashion compositions channeling the hottest trends from the runway and the red carpet.

Zara is synonymous with refinement and accessible chic, therefore everyone will be able to nail down a similar statement outfit without having to spend a fortune on basic wardrobe staples. The optical impact created by busy prints will encourage the fashion fold to experiment with mix/matching of different apparel elements decorated with drop-dead-gorgeous patterns. This time forget about romance and focus on pulling off a tricky and eye-popping new look which radiates confidence and advanced styling skills.

Zara TRF Spring/Summer 2012 Ad Campaign Zara TRF Spring/Summer 2012 Ad Campaign

Draw some inspiration from this brief yet extremely inspiring and visionary ad campaign by Zara. Breathe life into your wardrobe by complementing the color palette used in your clothing style with additional bright and bold shades.

The fabulous blazers, silky shirts and skinny jeans all armed up with flower prints melt into a gorgeous artwork which boosts our mood to be able to leave the gloomy winter days behind. Aren’t these ensembles simply overwhelming? Showcase your desire to rise above the crowd with similar creative outfits. Hit the local Zara stores or purchase the A-list fashion items online depending on your preferences. Keep this ad campaign at hand to know how to start your seasonal style update.

Zara TRF Spring/Summer 2012 Ad Campaign Zara TRF Spring/Summer 2012 Ad Campaign

Image courtesy of Zara