There is nothing more stylish and effective than a simple outfit that through its nonchalant and effortless touch can add sophistication and elegance to your appearance. Well, the Zara March 2011 lookbook totally proves this statement bringing extremely beautiful pieces that despite their apparent severe and discreet vibe, they exude femininity and comfort.

Since this season we are totally in love with extremes, Zara brings incredible crisp white and nude clothing pieces without forgetting the explosion of bright colors that could be seen across the collections. Moreover, red, dots and stripes become elements impossible to avoid this season, while denim and maxi are two words to keep in mind.

For spring/summer 2011, we are allowed to break all fashion rules and try bolder combinations or layerings, wearing contrasting and clashing blocks of colors. If you want to pair yellow and orange or red and pink, just go for it! However, in order to smooth a little the dazzling impact of all these vibrant shades, brights were paired with black, white or nude. Therefore, neon green, orange or fuchsia are teamed with lighter colors or neutrals in order to keep a certain balance.

As we already know it, white is the It-color for the warm season. Still, for spring/summer 2011, it seems that white has invaded every single corner of our wardrobe adding a ladylike feel through impeccable clothes and pretty white details and accessories. In this context, one might say that white is the new black. Whether you choose the monochrome version or pair white with daring brights, keep in mind that this chic non-color will never go out of style despite its simplicity.

For maximum innocence, you can wear the head-to-toe white look. The latest Zara lookbook for March 2011 brings white denim shorts, blouses and shirts in amazing combinations. Besides white and eye-popping shades, playful dots and stripes are so sexy and trendy, perfect for a fresh, youthful summerish outfit.

Minimalism is a timeless trend that due to its simplicity and elegance will always represent a glam, feminine choice for powerful women. Clean and clear cuts and straight silhouettes not only look impeccably, but are the main ingredients for a classy, extremely refined appearance. And the Zara lookbook proves once again that a woman doesn’t necessarily need extravagant items or different embellishments in order to look fabulous.

From linen dresses and simple skirts to narrow leg pants and classic, simple blazers and jackets, Zara offers a note of sophistication using a flawless tailoring, harmonious lines and ingenious color combinations. All the items are captivating, despite their alleged naiveté and austerity in embellishments. Still, one can find various prints and small, yet useful and powerful details that energize and seduce.

Photos courtesy of Zara