Zara has always managed to bring remarkable collections, both affordable and wearable, meant to meet all our expectations. For spring/summer 2011, the Spanish brand came with a wider campaign that features various smaller collections, such as Woman, Man, TRF, Kids. Well, Zara TRF contains tiny lines like ColorDresses and ColorPants. In every collection, among the burst of neutrals, typical to Zara, you can also find an explosion of hot brights. And ColorDresses makes no exception.

Known for their clean, rigid, almost perfect cuts, and refined neutral shades, Zara included in the ColorDresses spring/summer 2011 collection dazzling brights and sweet floral prints. Cute mini dresses in vibrant colors are so feminine and versatile allowing you to wear them to numerous occasions, becoming a perfect option for casual or more formal events.

The gorgeous piqué and pleated dresses from Zara are a great way to emphasize and bring out your femininity. Characterized by simple cuts, comfort and style, these dresses become more daring and absolutely amazing due to the spectacular colors used. Besides, the already popular and old faithful floral print looks really great and attractive.

Skirts represent a great choice anytime, anywhere, especially during hot summer days. The ColorDresses collection from Zara also comes with mini skirts that exude maximum girlishness. Really stylish and sexy, without being vulgar, mini skirts are so versatile and practical as long as you know how to mix and match.

For spring/summer 2011, the Spanish retailer proposed skirts in bright colors such as turquoise and orange. It is already known that this year you are allowed to wear purple, blue, yellow and green in the same outfit. Still, if you are not so self-confident and bold in order to rock this trend, the best thing you could do is to wear brights with neutrals. The latest collection from Zara matches vibrant skirts with simple sweat shirts. The wow-effect is absolutely guaranteed and can transform a dull outfit into a special appearance. However, besides brights, the skirts were updated with funky, romantic floral prints.

Photos courtesy of Zara