The Zadig & Voltaire lookbook for fall/winter 2013-2014 is not a simple rehash of the label's fall 2013 collection. Though fans of the label will recognize several looks from the brand's upcoming collection, the new Zadig & Voltaire fall 2013 lookbook brings much edgier versions of the looks we've had the chance to see up until now. With a slightly androgynous flair, the new Zadig & Voltaire ensembles have coolness written all over them, figuratively speaking, of course.

The key to stealing the spotlight in the new season according to the brand and to several other influential voices in the industry? Embracing boldness in all of its forms. In the new Zadig & Voltaire fall/winter 2013 lookbook the concept is emphasized through a myriad of high shine pieces, bold abstract motifs, unexpected military influences, asymmetry and even distinguishable punk vibes. Recognizing the fact that style is by no means a one size fits all concept and keeping a well defined theme can sometimes be two contradictory elements, yet the new line manages to bring a fab balance between the two.

Zadig   Voltaire Fall 2013 Look 1Zadig   Voltaire Fall 2013 Look 2
Zadig   Voltaire Fall 2013 Look 3

Though the Zadig & Voltaire fall 2013 lookbook is focused much more on casual options than on elegant looks, the label brings exciting and rather formal pieces into the spotlight. Though sequins are normally associated with formal wear, recent offerings have proved that such pieces can have a lot more mileage when combined smartly and can be part of many edgy casual looks. Bringing sequins into casual wear is definitely a risky move, yet the brand shows plenty of creative ways of incorporating such pieces into the spectacular looks.

Zadig   Voltaire Fall 2013 Look 8

If you are still debating whether it's a smart move to invest in pieces like oversized coats, leather pieces or even metallic cap toe boots, the Zadig & Voltaire fall 2013 lookbook might just help you put those doubts to rest. As one can see, such offerings can be the starting point of a wide array of incredible chic outfits that will never fail to turn heads.

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