A dress that will make one feel like a goddess. The perfect dress. For many women, the statement is simply a figure of speech, a utopian dream. However, the same does not apply for the Zac Posen fashion house, which spared no effort in making this dream come true once and for all. With elegance, sophistication and utter refinement as guides, the brand certainly is on the right path when it comes to making even the wildest style fantasies come true.

The label focuses intensely on creating head-turning ensembles through eclectic proportions, classy cutouts and seductive touches. Highlighting the feminine curves is the option that the label emphasizes the most and the tailored designs and extremely purposeful touches manage to steal the spotlight more than any print could. The label does feature floral prints as the go to choice, yet the real focus is truly highlighting the right type of textural touches.

In the multitude of tailored suits and below the knee skirts, dramatic sleeves and wide necklaces that steal the spotlight, we cannot help but notice the fabulous jewelry options the label endorses for making the most of the dramatic vibe suggestions. Long statement earrings or colorful statement necklaces might seem a bit much given the fact that the ‘look at me’ factor is well represented, yet the options are tempting and fascinating nonetheless. Edgy and completely mesmerizing, the looks definitely have no problem stealing the spotlight. But, while suits and cocktail dresses certainly open our appetite for more, the evening gowns are the ones that ultimately make us crave everything.

The recurrent motif is the fishtail detail which seems to be extremely successful among customers. The emphasis on the waist and the determination to highlight the hourglass shape are two of the most interesting elements that are fabulously reinterpreted in the majority of the designs. Elegance at its finest merges with dramatic vibes for truly magnificent designs that are bound to be coveted and admired every single time.

Photos via elle.com