This season You Must Create label brings to the fashion scene exciting designs that are bound to make heads turn through their vintage, utilitarian vibe designs which aim to underline the flawless, fashion-forward style of women who love to combine casualness with comfort.

YMC’s spring/summer 2012 collection manages to juxtapose vintage and contemporary details perfectly, so that the designs can take a feminine approach with a tomboy twist. The collection brings to the fashion scene all the essentials needed for the new season, garments which look and feel comfortable, feminine and super stylish. The key to a super stylish, fashionable look that will surely make heads turn this season is mixing and matching.

While some of the garments featured in the YMC spring/summer 2012 collection seem to have a certain child-like allure, balanced through the introduction of sporty elements, other designs have a very sophisticated appeal, a vintage allure that is very difficult to ignore. The fashion styles of the late sixties and early eighties seem to be the source of inspiration of the new You Must Create fashion collection as classic trenches, baggy dresses, stylish skirts and fab jumpers dominate the collection.

The fabrics chosen for this collection, silk, light cotton and canvas help underline perfectly the style of the collection, giving each piece a high-end appeal with a comfortable texture that will make you feel fabulous. Mixing and matching various textures and colors with fabulous shines and accessories can help accentuate your flawless style and your gorgeous silhouette, so dare to mix and match your favorite YMC garments to achieve a look that matches your personality perfectly.

As far as color goes, YMC opted to go along with the vintage allure of the collection and chose toned-down hues, classic hues which never go out of style. Brown, navy, light blue, soft coral and soft yellow-beige dominate the entire collection and give it an universally flattering style. So browse through the new collection and pick your new season favorites as these vintage-style garments are definitely a lovely choice to consider when it comes to renewing your wardrobe.

Photos courtesy of You Must Create