After the bold and eclectic spring 2012 lookbook, Wren is taking a lighter, more versatile approach for the summer lookbook. The psychedelic prints and vibes that have become to be the focal point of the latest collection are left aside in favor of fabulous geocentric vibes and minimalist monochrome pieces. A well defined color palette categorizes the looks and makes them easier to follow while also providing simple yet brilliant mixing and matching alternatives.

Given the fact that femininity in all shapes, sizes and perspectives is the focus of the hot months, the multitude of fun short skirts, flirty slim fitting dresses or mid length skirts is completely understandable and super flattering. Shorts and straight leg pants are a great alternative for the times when a subtle variation is desired or needed. The simple tailoring details ensure that the pieces will have maximum versatility in terms of classy outfit combos.

Occasional bold cutouts, the illusion of a cropped top or a more revealing necklines break the well set patterns that the collection is based on. Sequined tops have a similar effect bringing a new style dimension worth exploring. Simplifying the pieces and textures doesn’t always mean settling for a less exciting outfit and this ‘less is more’ philosophy is easily proved in the brand’s latest lookbook.

Accessories are an aspect that is worth exploring a little deeper as they have a great influence on the looks despite the fact that they do not necessarily have a statement value. Comfort is a strong focus of the collection and the oxfords and nude shoes are both an expression of classicism and comfort and they become a natural option. Simple oversized clutches or inconspicuous necklaces bring a much coveted diversity without altering the overall tone of the outfits.

Photo courtesy of Wren