It’s common to associate the spring summer season with ultra girly hues like fuchsia, scarlet and other bright tones, but such common choices can become quite boring and easily predictable. To combat this problem, the spring 2012 Wren collection features a myriad of exciting alternatives in a fairly unexpected color palette but still maintains the feminine vibe that has flooded the most important runways in a distinctive manner.

Maintaining a much needed equilibrium between trendy pieces and ultra versatile pieces that will enable you to stay stylish without breaking the bank, the brand delivers fun style alternatives to indulge in when the time’s right. Eclectic print styles like paisley and psychedelic prints create a slightly rebellious vibe that instantly boosts the attractiveness of the ’50s and ’60s inspired outfits.

Simple summer dresses, colorful skirts, shorts, striped tees and colorful pants are among the hottest pieces from the latest Wren collection, available starting with February. While the pieces are quite basic in and of themselves, the accessory choices manage to take them to the next level. Classy printed scarfs, thin leather belts, suede platforms, buckled boots, retro hats and statement necklaces are some of the most interesting choices spotted in the lookbook.

Hottest hues for the season? Purple tones, lime green, funky blue tones contrasted by neutral beige, brown, gray and of course, white are some of the best choices for either keeping a low profile or making an unexpected style statement that doesn’t necessarily fall in any of the mainstream fashion trends of the season. Don’t be afraid to step out of your usual style choices every once in a while in order to keep your style perspective open.

Photo courtesy of Wren Studio