Now, this is definitely a dream came true! The jeans that contain slimming ingredients? Yes please! Well, Wrangler launched a new collection called ‘Denim Spa’ which features great fitting jeans that will provide benefits for your legs as you wear them. Beautiful model and fashion icon Elizabeth Jagger has been named the face of the brand’s latest line.

So, are you curious to know what these jeans can do? The designs in the ‘Denim Spa’ collection are infused with moisturizing cosmetic ingredients that will hydrate your skin while still looking fabulous! The line offers three slim skinny fits available in Smooth Legs, Olive Extract and Aloe Vera.

The Smooth Legs jeans are treated with the moisturizing formula, Skintex which reduces the appearance of cellulite. The Skintex formula is a blend of sea kelp, caffeine and retinol, micro-encapsulated deep in the fibres of your jeans. These capsules burst under the friction of wear, delivering their goodness direct to your skin. The Olive Extract models use squalane extracted from the olive fruit that will moisturize your legs as you wear your jeans while providing a feminine floral fragrance. As for the jeans containing Aloe Vera, these are fragranced with the essence of this plant, known for its calming and uplifting properties. How cool is this?

Wrangler Denim Spa Anti-Cellulite Jeans Collection Wrangler Denim Spa Anti-Cellulite Jeans Collection

“After a day wearing Denim Spa, my legs feel great, they come out of Denim Spa jeans feeling more silky than usual”, Lizzie Jagger, daughter of Mick Jagger and Jerry Hall, said.

The Wrangler ‘Denim Spa’ anti-cellulite jeans collection brings three hot cuts. First, there is Courtney, Wrangler’s low waisted skinny fit that compliments any combo for a modern yet sexy look. Then, there is Corynn, the design that sits neatly on the mid rise. And last but not least, there is Molly, the label’s most popular slim fit that has a low waist cut for a young and feminine silhouette. Check out these stunners and pick the one that suits you the most!

Wrangler Denim Spa Anti-Cellulite Jeans Collection

Photos: Wrangler