Revisiting well set concepts and giving them a new spin is a well known style technique that is reflected in the new season trends without fail. While some reinterpretations are subtle and require a certain degree of attention in order to be picked up, others reflect their themes in a more conspicuous manner. One collection with a theme hard to miss is the Wildfox White Label fall 2012 collection. The label revives the angel vs demon concept in a series of youthful and daring pieces that are sure to stand out every time.

Casual wear is often a perfect outlet for displaying creative touches and even going for bold touches and, as one could expect, the label takes full advantage of the opportunity. Injecting a touch of freshness along with a lot of attitude into each look, the label virtually eliminates the possibility of blending in. Whether you define yourself as a good girl or a bad girl, the chances you’ll find a few pieces to fall in love with are definitely high. Getting an edgy vibe is surprisingly simple with these fun alternatives. Simple yet striking is the collection’s motto.

Whether you like floral motifs, animal prints, pastels or leggings, you can certainly find an unexpectedly eye-catching version of the trend in the newest style suggestion for the chilly season. Cheeky messages, angel wings, fun cat motifs, dangerous panteras or intricate floral patterns are just some of the options you’ll love choosing from. Staying warm and chic while making a statement is definitely something to strive for and the brand offers the perfect tools to do it. The level of boldness you want to go for is completely up to you.

To really capture the desired vibe, you’ll definitely want to accessorize properly. For this purpose, sunglasses, bold toned sneakers, leggings or above the knee socks can be ideal outfit enhancers. Of course, you can definitely benefit from drawing a bit of inspiration from the beauty alternatives presented as they match some of the hottest runway trends and bring an additional sense of drama to the look, making it even more interesting. Pick your side and style accordingly for a creative and memorable look every single time.