Stepping out of the norm can be extremely beneficial as it enables your creativity to embrace less traveled paths and the Wildfox pre-fall 2012 collection is a vivid illustration of the good things that can come from a little willingness to bend the norms. The newest lookbook is aimed to be magical and the “Magical Creatures”  theme of the collection aims to highlight different exciting style perspectives.

The collection features three mystical girls each with an easily distinguishable style personalities in a story created by Francesca Lia Block :’Francesca has been an inspiration for Wildfox creators, Emily Faulstich and Kimberley Gordon, since before the birth of Wildfox in 2007. Together Francesca, Emily and Kim have based a collection of dreamy T shirts on the story of 3 very different, magical girls who live in our favorite Wildfox cities – Ella, a fairy from Los Angeles, Cherie, a gypsy from Paris, and Dahlia, a witch from New York. Francesca tells a story of these three girls and their important friendship, a metaphorical weaving of magic and mystery, beautiful clothes, and romantic back drops.”

Cherie is presented as a modern gypsy dressed with distinct boho chic and a fabulous carefree attitude that can instantly conquer with its transparency and eclectic vibe. From monochrome outfits to simple outfits that manage to impress through the textural vibes and unusual proportions. With a casual attitude towards styling, the impression of effortless chicness is perfectly reflected.

Dahlia from New York is here to charm you with her occult personality and dark yet intriguing attitude. With simple combos and a clearly set color preferences, she focuses on simple yet classy combos which can attract just as much attention as more complex ones if not more. Hoodies, skirts and eye-catching tees with unexpected motifs are some of her style weapons of choice in her attempt to heal the world with spells and music.

Last but certainly not least, Ella is a fairy with a soft spot for ultra feminine pink tones and glamorous femininity displays. The initial innocent vibe of the outfits she sports is quickly toned down by the bold golden accents and the edgy, rebellious vibe of the outfits. With a fancy feminine pieces contrasted by bold leopard prints or spiky, studded bracelets and necklaces, the regular pattern is broken yet the result is as fabulous as it can get.

Photo courtesy of Wildfox

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