The Wildfox ‘Hello, Saylor!’ summer 2013 lookbook photograped by Kimberley Gordon brings yet another whimsical set of options which prove that there’s no shortage of ideas worth exploring behind old cliches. Since we’re talking about Wildfox here, the tone is far from being serious and there are plenty of other themes explored beyond the nautical motifs. Valerie Van Der Graaf is the model who brings all the fun characters to life in the new Wildfox lookbook. The retro vibes are evident even at a superficial glance of the new line.

In more ways than one, the Wildfox “Hello, Sailor!” lookbook is a pin-up heaven. Aside from the nautical girl which sets the tone of the new lookbook, the beach babe, the sexy nurse, the soldier girl, the farm girl and handful of other stereotypes are brought to life in the new line. Despite the clear sexy allure of the these characters, there’s also a sense of cuteness that is surprisingly powerful. Despite the tongue in the cheek allure of the new lookbook, there are plenty of wearable pieces which can be customized to be as bold or as subdued as desired.

Wildfox Wildfox

In the spirit of not taking life so seriously, tees with messages such as “Farm Fresh [..]”, “I’m really a Unicorn , “Ask Me, I might”, “Cry Baby”, “Dare Devil” or “Dream” will prove instant conversation starters. Looking to get noticed instantly when hitting the beach? The rainbow-colored swimsuits from the new Wildfox summer 2013 lookbook can be the right answer. Of course, if you’re a print lover, many of the new releases can help you get the fab allure you crave.

The hot months of 2013 will be defined by boldness as the current releases have easily demonstrated. The Wildfox summer 2013 lookbook can definitely be a great source of inspiration if you’re looking for a youthful touch, even though the combos should not be taken literally. Nevertheless, if you’re looking for an easy way to break your style routine, the Wildfox lookbooks are always a source of insight and a proof that outside of the box thinking can go a long way in helping you look effortlessly cool.

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