Resisting the multitude of fabulous choices retailers and designers are throwing at us is becoming harder day by day and, when great style, femininity and a touch of naturalness and freshness merge, the result is truly mesmerizing. The Wasteland spring 2012 lookbook definitely fits such criteria providing both amazing feminine combos to face the new season and a veritable festival fashion scoop. Subtle vintage vibes blended with a modern approach manage to create covetable outfit ideas worth emulating.

Embracing femininity can have a different meaning for everyone and the method of expression might be a little different also but simplicity is usually a good start as it combines girly pieces with more androgynous ones. Pieces like faded denim vests, fab mid length dresses, eclectic skirts or cropped tops immediately get in the ‘must-have’ radar especially when we begin to see the multitude of fabulous combos that can be created with a little imagination.

The laid-back attitude is evident and a little tomboy allure provides an exremely desirable contrast which greatly expands the overall appeal of the lookbook. Aside from creative combos which create proportion and heighten the desired focal point, patterns like polka dots or creative ruffly oversized sleeves create interest and provide a lovely romantic and slightly vintage vibe. An adorable ’90s vibe can be sensed overall and a very subtle rebellious tone slowly sets in.

In terms of accessorizing, the options are pretty straight forward and the preference for function and comfort is extremely obvious. Chunky boots, sneakers or faded denim pieces highlight the ‘rebel’ side of the looks while retro sunglasses and fancy floral headwear add complexity to feminine pieces and a touch of innocence. Whether you are looking for fab new season looks or festival attire ideas, the ‘Mad Love’ lookbook is a veritable source of inspiration.

Photo courtesy Wasteland