The Wasteland May 2013 lookbook is filled with edgy casual looks which are sure to create an impact every single time. The brand has used with unconventional choices that instantly entice everyone to want to take a closer look. Ready to steal the spotlight? If you opt for any of the new alternatives included in the latest Wasteland lookbook, such effect is guaranteed. Summer’s the perfect time to rock spectacular edgy combos with fun twist and the new offerings are designed with these exact concepts in mind.

Staz Lindes shows off the month’s hottest picks from the Wasteland lookbook for May 2013. A grungy flair can be instantly sensed despite the fact that the label doesn’t go for overly dramatic options. The label’s view is that a fab statement outfit should be fun first and foremost. This is why we’re seeing a multitude of Simpson family inspired tees and cardigans and plenty of sporty tees which instantly attract attention. Acid washed shorts prove the best choice for an instant retro vibe.

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The new Wasteland lookbook for the hot season brings simple combos, however each piece included in the mix is meant to bring a fab edgy flair. Whether we’re talking about printed pants, short leather overalls, crochet cropped tops or flatforms, each piece is carefully selected to bring maximum impact. If you prefer a feminine flair, a few sexy short dresses can be a much better choice. This doesn’t mean however, that accessories are neglected. The same rule for every single piece of the new collection: the more eye-catching, the better.

When talking about accessories, the grungy vibes blend with sporty accents in the new Wasteland May 2013 lookbook. Jewelry choices tend to bring a rock chic flair with cross shaped earrings, spiky bracelets or cute metal rings with geometric motifs. For a more eclectic vibe backpacks, neon colored beanies or heart-shaped sunglasses for 2013 are the alternatives suggested. If you’re looking to inject a few fun vibes into your new season looks, look no further than the latest Wasteland offerings.

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