Celebrating all things British, providing youthful yet uber refined outfit options and stunning fashionistas everywhere all at once is the successfully attained set of goals of the Anglomania label for the spring/summer 2012 collection. The Vivienne Westwood owned line brings sophisticated combos with a noticeable casual vibe for the new season, emphasizing exciting style perspectives and even bringing to attention some of the lesser known trends of the new season.

A blend of urban chicness with a few bold yet classy touches and a series of flirty, innocent and feminine options with a trendy vibe are the options the hot season lookbook focuses mostly on. Bold pieces, instantly memorable accents, incredible details and a sense of modernism makes us want to replicate the outfits and make them our go-to styles. Statement piece of the collection and total stunner? Drop crotch pants and jeans contrasted by well structured pieces for an uber refined vibe that instantly activate the head turning instinct.

Flirty dresses are without a doubt another real treat for those who are interested in following the new season trends more closely and prefer to stick with mainstream styles. Stripes, very subtle nautical influences, denim accents or bouffant, edgy styles and different cuts make the pieces absolute must-haves of the hot days. From waist enhancing airy mid length dresses to more subtle sleeved dresses which follow the body contour closely, the options are more than generous in this department.

Between sheen touches, eclectic prints and patterns, a creative display of textures and proportions and ultra covetable pieces, it can be far too easy to neglect the role that understated pieces have in defining the outfits. Cardigans, leather belts, fabulously printed handbags or simple, ultra cute medium heeled sandals and occasional jewelry pieces are less noticed but they are the crucial elements of the exciting new season collection by the high end label.

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