Haute couture label Vionnet promises to be one of the most dazzling Paris Fashion Week fall 2013 highlights. The label is going through process of reinvention and it will certainly be exciting to see how the label’s heritage is reflected in 2013. Throughout its impressive history, the brand has dazzled on numerous occasions being a source of sophisticated ensembles which reflect artistic sensibilities and tackle a timeless allure with a romantic touch most of the time.

Among the biggest celebrity brand fans is Zoe Saldana who sported the creations of the label on more than one occasion. Still, ready-to-wear collection aren’t the only ones that have drawn the spotlight on the label on several occasions. The spring 2010 shoes along with the fab options from the same department for the spring 2012 season have instantly captured the spotlight. These examples and more make us quite hopeful that the new options will dazzle everyone.

Vionnet at Paris Fashion Week Fall 2013 Vionnet at Paris Fashion Week Fall 2013

The label’s collection will be among the last ones to round out the fall 2013 trends as the Paris Fashion Week 2013 Vionnet collection is scheduled on the last day of the Paris Fashion Week at Intercontinental Paris Le Grand Hôtel, 2 rue Scribe, Paris 9e starting with 11 am, right after the Louis Vuitton show which opens up the last day of this edition of Paris Fashion Week.

If you’ve missed some of the things that the label’s creations over the years, there’s one easy way to catch up with the previous stunning creations under the label’s guidance by visiting the official Vionnet website, vionnet.com. We’ll soon bring you the best highlights from the Vionnet fall 2013 collection, so stay tuned for more info!

Vionnet at Paris Fashion Week Fall 2013 Vionnet at Paris Fashion Week Fall 2013

Photos: Vionnet