Looking great in your sports equipment can be a great motivator for working out as much as possible and Victoria’s Secret sure knows a thing or two about looking spectacular even when breaking a sweat. This is why the monthly VSX selection of looks is always so inspirational regardless of how many times we’ve seen the simple combos which meet the needs for the occasion. Candice Swanepoel always manages to remind those who are on the quest for their best body that the effort is well rewarded eventually.

From fab supportive sport bras to fabulous sweatpants, the label brings modern vibe to the trusted workout staples. Plus, unlike many staples from the Pink line, you won’t have to deal with a huge logo, which can become pretty distractive after a while. Bold tones carry some strong energy to them, which is why they can be such a great options worth playing with.

Keeping things fun and stylish can be an underestimated way of boosting motivation, so ditch a cheesy old tee in favor of a more fashion forward alternative for a quick boost in motivation. Put extra effort into looking and feeling fab every single time and you’ll notice a boost in confidence without even realizing it. Use these fun looks as inspiration.

Photo courtesy of Victoria’s Secret