Though it’s quite early to dream about spending days at the beach and relaxing, the Victoria’s Secret April 2012 brings us that exciting atmosphere and the fabulous outfits to go with it. Chanel Iman is the Angel which presents the month’s hottest looks from gorgeous maxi dresses to more intimate pieces. The fashion roundup revolves around simplicity and natural beauty and an effortless vibe is incredibly easy to notice and replicate in similarly alluring outfits.

Comfort and trends are skillfully blended in chic outfits that ooze confidence and an easy going vibe. Knitwear details, subtle lace elements, simple tailoring are blended in uber wearable pieces that can be easily mixed and matched. Rounded necklines and spaghetti straps bring all the attention on the cleavage area without being overly sultry. In fact, the illusion of innocence and even naivety is cleverly suggested with most of the looks.

Stocking up on simple sleeves tees, skirts and summery dresses and a few basic denim pieces can be surprisingly effective in helping you turn heads this summer. The list of covetable new season accessories is also quite short and consists mostly of versatile platforms in one of the season’s hottest tones, white, roomy and practical handbags, straw hats, scarfs or subtle necklaces and belts are a few items to put on your must have list if you’re craving for similar looks.

Though the intimate apparel area isn’t particularly well emphasized throughout the lookbook, it’s quite clear that the brand is advocating style diversity this month. Lace details, bold patterns or funky messages are just a few of the options the brand is offering this month. Experimenting with something a little different is a great way to break the routine and feel stylish and more confident, so expand your comfort zone a bit with a few exciting details.

Photo courtesyf Victoria’s Secret