Although the fall/winter 2012 season just made its debut, fashion designers have been preparing for months to unveil their creations for the upcoming season and give true fashionistas plenty of time to prepare their wardrobe for spring 2013. Taking on a totally new approach to style this year, fashion designers opted for clean cuts and a minimalist palette just like Victoria Beckham demonstrated with her spring 2013 collection. The singer turned fashion designer worked hard to be recognized as a veritable designer in the fashion industry. Victoria’s hard work paid off as her designs were met with applause at the end of her spring 2013 show.

Wearability and simplicity were two details that Ms. Beckham wanted to bring to her fans and she managed to underline these details perfectly through monochrome fabrics without any prints – which comes as a breath of fresh air after a heavy-on-the-eyes fall 2012 fashion season – and flowing, feminine lines that accentuated perfectly the models’ silhouettes.

Sharing her vision with Vogue behind the curtains of her fashion presentation, Victoria Beckham said that “there’s not one single thing out there that I would not wear myself. I always design what I want to wear, and I want to wear more than a dress”, and apparently her style was reflected in every piece featured in the collection.

Taking a quite different approach with her designs, the designer opted for separates instead of the stylish suits and dresses that we’ve been accustomed to seeing, and the result was indeed spectacular. The bias-cut midi skirts paired with fabulous cotton blouses, stylish bell-shaped mini skirts paired with fab waist cut blazers, the lace insertion blouses, geometric broderie, brassieres stylishly unveiled by sheer fabrics and bodycon midi dresses proved to be irresistible for the crowd as the pieces captured the audience’s attention like a magnet.

The stylish designs were either paired with masculine inspired shoes, stylish flip flop- gladiator sandals mix flats and the peep-toe ankle booties that Victoria seems to love wearing. The clean lines and seductive proportions demonstrated the great potential behind the relatively new fashion brand, so check out all the fashion pieces featured in the collection and tell us if they were fab enough to conquer you!

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