For their pre-spring 2013 collections, fashion labels drew their inspiration from numerous sources, thus bringing to the fashion scene a variety of styles that have the same goal: to underline uniqueness. One of the fashion brands that has been regularly hailed as one of the best in the industry, Versace, chose to take an interesting path towards chicness by infusing their creations with a glam-punk allure that exudes femininity and that stands out of the crowd.

Donatella Versace managed to infuse the designs with the trademark style that the late Gianni Versace was know for, colorful prints, while bringing her own touch to the collection by putting on display wonderful designs featuring her own trademark stud applications. Packing a high dose of fierceness, Versace’s resort 2013 combines edgy elements with ultra-feminine almost romantic details, characteristics which give it an irresistible appeal, a fresh, powerful style that is still sexy.

Donatella Versace is know for her impeccable stud details and dresses, so obviously these couldn’t have missed from the collection. From chic and relaxed looking, off one shoulder short dresses to a sexy maxi dresses featuring a high front slit, the designer managed to bring stylish designs to suit women with different personalities and styles. Leather dresses and skirts underline the glam-punk style of the collection while the colors and soft lines the silhouettes follow take you on a romantic journey through fashion.

Masculine inspired suits are a definite must have for the resort season as they manage to overlap style with comfort and this combo is of crucial importance when it comes to resort-wear. Perfectly detailed garments feature an amazing color palette, from multi-colored prints to two tone or monochromes in yellow, pink and blue tones as well as timeless non-colors such as black and beige. The designs are paired with matching ankle booties, peep toe booties and high heel shoes that help accentuate femininity, so browse through the lovely designs signed Versace resort 2013 and draw inspiration for your new season look.

Photos courtesy of Versace