It was not long ago when the first Versace for H&M collection photos surfaced starting a real frenzy among fashionistas. The two brands have adopted a similar move to further stimulate the consumers’ appetite releasing a second collection that is designed exclusively for the European market this time.

The latest cruise collection is set to launch on January 19 exclusively online. This means that fashionistas from Sweden, the United Kingdom, Germany, Denmark, the Netherlands and Norway will get the opportunity to renew their wardrobe with pieces from the high street collaboration. Since H&M e-commerce is scheduled only for fall 2012 in the U.S, looking for the hot pieces on eBay might be necessary.

Unlike the first collection that was based more on versatility with a modern touch featuring stand-out accessories that perfectly complemented the looks, the cruise collection is much more trend oriented. Femininity in an innocent sense is fabulously reflected with the myriad of fruity prints that evoke the new season symbols perfectly.

Gorgeous dresses both in the beloved print style and on monochrome versions are perhaps the most important highlight of the collection. Sexiness with a classy, innocent touch is the idea reflected throughout the collection and the pieces carry a perfect blend of modernism with a deceivingly simple allure. If dresses aren’t really your thing, you might be interested in the fabulous selection of tank tops, T-shirts, crop top blouses, shorts or dressing gowns.

The second collection includes swimwear in the same color palette as the rest of the collection and represents the perfect element that gives a sense of completion to the collection. As the new photos of the collection have begun to surface, the shoes of the collection have been on the spotlight. The choices in this segment featured also fruit prints that make this collection ultra recognizable and a golden version that reminds us of the first Versace x H&M collection.

Do you crave for the silhouette enhancing effect a high enough heel can provide or do you prefer the good comfort-style ratio? Featuring both sandals and ballet flats, the collection aims to satisfy both types of desires. As far as handbags are concerned, functionality is the most noticeable attribute as they tend to be spacious and casual. Belts and jewelry are also included for a complete style statement.