Versace at Milan Fashion Week is definitely one of the hottest shows to heat up the runway. The internationally acclaimed brand has always amazed with its innovative approach to fashion, so we anticipate the Versace show at Milan Fashion Week will not fall under expectations.

The latest trends are featured at the Milan Fashion Week and this enables fashion enthusiasts to gather idea ahead for their wardrobe upgrade, so make sure you catch up with what’s hot this fall by checking out all the shows as we’ll feature all the important ones including Versace’s.

Versace at Milan Fashion Week Fall 2013

The Italian luxury brand’s designer, Donatella Versace demonstrated each season that dethroning the label that has been for quite a while a leading brand in the fashion industry will not be easy and proof of this stands in the fashion house’s previous collections. Just as a reminder, we bring to you a selection of sizzling outfits displayed in Versace’s spring 2013 collection as well as the brand’s resort 2013 collection, which reveal the impeccable craftsmanship and the never-ending flow of creativity that the brand is capable of.

However, the luxurious appeal of the brand doesn’t concentrate on apparel only as the label broadened the horizons of its expertise and conquered the accessories scene also and a peek at Versace’s fall 2012 handbags should be sufficient to get you thinking of adding some of the designs to your bags collection.

Now, if the lovely display of the brand’s previous work wasn’t enough to get you weak to your knees we believe the upcoming Versace show at Milan Fashion Week 2013 will, so be sure to check back to read our review on the collection after it makes its debut on Friday, February 22nd Milan, via Gesù, 12 starting 7PM and 8PM!

Update! Check out the new Versace fall 2013 collection!

Versace at Milan Fashion Week Fall 2013 Versace at Milan Fashion Week Fall 2013

Photo courtesy of Versace