The new season took us by surprise with new and innovative patterns and styles and one of the brands that shows the new path to style is Vera Wang. The designer’s pre-fall 2013 collection shows a different vision of fashion, a vision that is all about making a statement all while maintaining that femininity that makes heads turn. The posh designs are bound to spark a buzz among fashionistas as there is a certain fierceness infused in each and every design, a bold allure that makes the Vera Wang’s pre-fall 2013 collection seem quite different than what the designer got us used to so far, although without loosing that femininity that characterizes the brand.

To achieve its goal, the designer juxtaposed daytime elements with evening details, creating a totally unique collection that seems quite confusing for fashion novices at first glimpse. However, a more in depth analysis of the designs shows clearly that simple cuts can be given a statement look through the use of metallic floral damask applied on a matte contrasting/same color base as well as through mixed fabrics while rounded patterns that create a more curvy body appearance are capable of making a statement on their own.

Although the dress has topped the 2013 must have fashion charts, Vera Wang’s pre-fall 2013 collection puts the same focus on deux pieces as well as on dresses. This pre-fall 2013 fashion collection shoves an ace up your sleeve by putting on display various designs that exude the same amount of hotness, so you can’t go wrong regardless of what you choose. The skirts paired with blouses, vests and coats are sprinkled with a bit of casualness making them look perfect for day wear while the stylish deux pieces, whether given by the pants/blouse/blazer or skirt/blouse/blazer ensembles have a bit of extravagance infused making them look more appropriate for evening wear.

The dresses and coats displayed in the collection are incredibly refined and have that lady-like allure that can surely make traffic stop without having to go over the top with details. Chic and with a bit of somberness, the designs will surely keep your attention focused, so browse through all of the fashionable items and tell us if Vera Wang’s take on new season fashion reaches up to your expectations!

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