It seems that this Hollywood sweetheart, Vanessa Hudgens, isn’t stopping at anything as after her “Sucker Punch” movie role she is stepping up her game and landed a new campaign. Vanessa Hudgens is the new face for Candie’s, the well known fashion and accessories brand which is available only at Kohl’s.

Vanessa Hudgens replaced Britney Spears in 2011; Britney was the spokesperson for the brand for a couple of years now, in 2009 and also 2010. Britney has done quite a great job being the face of Candies and she seems to have enjoyed it quite a bit.

The 22 year old beauty Vanessa Hudgens seems to be quite excited about being the new face for Candie’s and she has even exchanged a few lines with Britney via Candie’s Twitter. The tow seem to be on good terms as Britney congratulated Vanessa for her deal. In response, Vanessa told Britney that she is a tough act to follow but she is very excited about their decision to choose her as the next Candie’s girl.

“So fun being a Candie’s Girl! Look out for the Candie’s brand pics of their new girl, Vanessa Hudgens! – Brit”

“Thnx, Britney Spears, you’re a tough act to follow …but, I’m so excited to be the new Candie’s girl for 2011!! – xo, Vanessa “

Vanessa Hudgens is considered a style icon by many teens and she has hardly managed to land on any of the bad dressed lists created by fashion critiques. Vanessa Hudgens seems like the sweet girl next door so no wonder that Candie’s thought she would be great to represent the brand.

A quick glimpse of the photo shoot has been given by Candie’s and it looked like a real blast. Vanessa looked like she was having so much fun posing with Candie’s outfits and accessories. The photos looked absolutely fabulous and captured her flirty, feminine and fun essence, that makes her such an inspiration. We can’t wait for the ad campaign to be released!

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