Fashion is known to take a different approach to style each season and it seems that for the first part of the 2013 season, designers are putting on display an array of revamped classic styles that have as aim to underline timeless elegance. For the resort 2013 collection, renowned fashion label Valentino demonstrated it has a limitless oasis of creativity as the brand put on display almost 50 amazing high-end garments that seem to be infused with a deluxe-vacation allure, outfits that attract attention like a magnet while maintaining a highly visible influence from past trends.

Valentino designers Pier Paolo Piccioli and Maria Grazia Chiuri took a totally different approach for the resort season compared to the fall 2012 fashion collection by choosing to play around with color, thus emphasizing the vacation style that comes as a breath of fresh air after a predominantly dark chromatic season. Valentino is a name synonymous with elegance and this characteristic is flawlessly underlined through the ladylike designs that took over the label’s resort scene.

Vintage is the buzzword when it comes to resort-wear and Valentino made sure that the designs that have caused a stir in the past are given a bit of a contemporary twist to suit the modern woman today without however loosing that high dose of elegance and innocence that is exuded by classic pieces. From fabulous A-line dresses to gorgeous evening gowns, short strapless frocks, slim trousers, pretty blazers and flirt tops, the collection brings to the fashion scene an array of diverse yet oh-so-wearable designs that will be difficult to resist, so browse through the perfectly detailed silhouettes as they are all worthy of attention.

Helping with the deluxe allure of the collection, the abundance of lace displayed in various hues from black to green in addition to the display of craftsmanship brought through exquisite embroidery, create an haute-couture looking collection that is balanced and brought back from a ‘wonderland’ by casual-chic designs. Pant-blazer, pant-lace blouses and skirts-airy tops in addition to the use of animal prints in both black and white and bright pink-red add a certain laid back touch to the designs and give women who wish to adopt a more casual style a chance to update to an iconic status.

Ruffles, floral details, animal prints and monochrome fashion items help enhance the impeccable lines featured in the collection, so prepare to have your peepers enchanted by elegant hues such as nude tones, black and white, pink, red, intense forest green, fuchsia and pretty pastels. A visible contemporary touch is given to the elegant collection by pointy toe kitten heels that display some edgy chic spiked studs that match perfectly with the garments, so check the complete Valentino resort 2013 collection and draw inspiration for your new season look!

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