Adjusting the runway trends to our personality, style preferences and budget would prove quite hard if it weren’t for the many retailers that offer their perspective in each season and even in each month. If you are looking for a few fresh ideas to create exciting outfits and Urban Outfitters is one of the brands you count on to help you represent your style personality, you’ll love the latest Autumn Inspiration collection by the brand.

With layering as a technique, the latest collection features some thought provoking alternatives that fall mainly in the casual wear category. In the area of prints, the brand focuses on a myriad of motifs such as polka dots, animal and subdued floral prints, stripes or more abstract options to provide significant coverage of the season’s main trends.

Although asymmetry touches are present throughout the collection, accessories have a much bigger role in making the outfits presented stand out from the crowd. Long scarfs, knee high socks, leggings, thin belts, hats, practical handbags or laced up ankle boots are just some of the accessory choices that have a strong impact in terms of adding an eclectic touch to the outfits.

From early autumn days to chillier days, the brand does a fabulous job at highlighting the multitude of style options that can be recreated for several weather conditions. Rely on the power of popular fashion trends and creative layering options to create looks similar to the ones endorsed in the latest Urban Outfitters collection for the season.

Photo courtesy of Urban Outfitters