Don't shy away from emphasizing your girly, innocent side this season. Opt for classy, alluring pieces like the ones from the United Arrows spring/summer 2012 lookbook for a subtle yet powerful style statement.

The hot seasons are the perfect time to experiment with a romantic style allure from lightweight fabrics to flirty pieces that exude cuteness and innocence. The United Arrows brand celebrates the arrival of the new season with a series of delightful feminine pieces that are sure to match the new season allure. Gorgeous long skirts, different style influences that give a special feel to the looks and creative accessorizing make the latest lookbook a veritable lesson in creative styling.

Stripes, fun prints, tribal influences and a distinct innocent yet uber classy vibe attract attention almost instantly. Although the general direction is fairly mainstream, in terms of color palette the perspective proves fairly conservative and revolves mostly around light tones and neutrals. The overall impression is that of a cool, low key of outfit tailored enough to be able to fit more than the regular casual vibe that many outfits tend to have.

Print variety, the lack of focus on overly fitted pants styles and the uber relaxed vibe manage to create a distinct touch to the adorable looks presented. While subtle retro vibes can be sensed in the most part of the collection, ethnic vibes as far as accessories are concerned are the ones that ultimately manage to create a bolder vibe that can be extremely refreshing and seductive. Although the clothing pieces tend to be surprisingly versatile, accessories tend to go towards the bolder side.

Fun summery handbags, a multitude of trendy wedges, colorful sandals or pointy toe pumps or tribal necklaces or bangles all tend to support the idea that the easiest way to pull off an interesting look without trying too hard is to keep pieces fairly simple and versatile and play with accessories. The results of such a basic technique can be spectacular when customized properly and the latest lookbook abounds in such examples.

Photo courtesy of United Arrows