After a heavy on the eyes fall fashion, the spring 2013 season placed a heavy accent on clean and chic garments that were inspired by an array of elements from nature to culture and it seems that this comes as a much needed breath of fresh air particularly after a predominantly achromatic colored season. The need for chic, simple and elegant fashion garments inspired Uniqueness designer, Alessandra Facchinetti to opt for soft, flowing lines for the brand’s spring 2013 collection and her choice couldn’t have been more welcome as the designs that were apparently inspired by Vietnam underlined the wonderful silhouette of the models in the most classic and delicate manner.

The collection that was adorned with oh-so-fabulous flamingo prints in both mini and oversized motifs and stylish palm leaf prints also managed to exude a bit of vintage chicness as the patterns used by the designer for the collection had a certain 1930s flow attached. The lines of the fabulous silhouettes put on display by the brand gave the collection a certain refined allure, however, to give the designs a more down-to-earth feel, thus underlining wearability, the designer chose to play with casual and contemporary style elements such as knitted hats and oversized jewelry.

The collection made its debut this spring 2013 season with a stylish oversized blouse worn as a dress and paired with a black turtleneck, giving the neck an elongated silhouette and thus a more refined look. An oversized necklace and a cool knitted hat helped balance the design and give it a bit of a twist, making it simple yet stylish. This fabulous garment set the tone for the rest of the collection which put on display the need for variety by bringing into the public’s attention numerous fashionable designs that ranged from flirty dresses to chic pant-blouse ensembles.

The designer opted for feminine patterns, thus short waist skirts and distinctive symmetric seaming, asymmetric skirts, high waist ankle cut wide leg trousers, crepe three-quarter sleeve tops, cocktail dresses, maxi silk crepe dresses, wide and loose fit coats, long neck sweaters, all mixed and matched to perfection helped give the collection a totally distinct vibe, perfect for the honeys that want to look iconic, simple and chic. This is definitely a collection worth checking out as the soft lines displayed throughout the collection were paired with equally soft and classic colored fabrics such as mint, lilac, ink blue, pink flamingo, red as well as achromatic colors. If you’re ready to turn yourself into a real style icon, add your favorite pieces signed Uniqueness spring 2013 to your wardrobe as they are all amazingly chic.

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