It’s amazing how fashion designers manage to exploit their creativity each season as the transition from one season to the other when it comes to fashion is incredibly captivating as who can resist the beauty of new fashionable, trendy garments that are displayed on the catwalks each year?! One of the brands that manages to capture a generous amount of attention with its designs every season is Trussardi and the label’s spring 2013 collection is packed with head turning elements that will ensure your position in the spotlight.

The interesting approach to style designer Umit Benan took with Trussardi’s upcoming spring collection caused quite a stir among fashionistas as the mix of leather and lightweight, flowing fabrics created a certain clashing look that could not go by unnoticed. Apparently, a mix of vintage details paired with masculine inspired elements helped give the collection that ‘je ne sais quoi’ that made it look different than anything we’ve seen so far on the catwalks this spring.

The collection made its debut through a stylish chic and vintage appeal deux-piece composed out of a stylish pair of classic, straight leg trousers and a simple polo accessorized with a stylish same-color bag and a pair of stylish high heel platform sandals. If the entry designs were kept relatively simplistic, the rest of them were all about making an impact through either heavy vintage chic patterns, soft and precise lines or through the fabric mix used in the creation process.

Masculine garments seem to be well within the comfort zone of designer Umit Benan and this definitely showed throughout his entire women’s collection as the stylish fashion pieces such as the masculine-inspired suits had a very strong visual impact that instantly made the connection with the source of inspiration. Vintage chic suits, stylish 60s and 70s dresses, fabulous trenches, vest-looking blouses, chic jackets and cool above the knee cut shorts made the collection a delight to watch. The elements that helped give a contemporary, edgy vibe to the designs were the oversized pocket applications displayed on everything from shirts to dresses, element that looks super chic. The leather insertions of fabric such as crocodile and python pattern leather emphasized luxury and gave the designs a powerful, edgy chic look, perfect for the modern woman. The clean and chic collection was a definite pleasant surprise from Trussardi, so check it out and see if it suits your personal style as it’s definitely worth your attention!

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