Summer’s the perfect time to experiment with flirty, chic and even unusual tones. The season of forgiving proportions, fabulous tones, creative eclectic prints and effortless chicness is finally here and Trina Turk is definitely doing her part in ensuring women have plenty of jaw dropping alternatives worth indulging in. Relaxation and eclecticism were always a perfect match and the label used the full potential behind the two concepts to deliver completely covetable pieces.

For the summer season, the brand has taken inspiration both from the lovely tones that define the hot months and the incredible experience that comes with traveling the world. Needless to say, taken the wonderful sources of inspiration, the alternatives are more than drool-worthy. A wide array of ultra feminine dresses adequately portray the biggest trend perspective of the season. Still, rather than closely following the style directions set by the industry, the designer provides plenty of unexpected elements worth analyzing.

While animal prints do make a short appearance throughout the collection, more whimsical options like paisley or ethnic vibes seem to enjoy more popularity. Still, despite the inclination for dazzling, on trend alternatives that will certainly prove challenging to resist for fashion lovers, not even the slightest compromise is made when it comes to ensuring the comfort level is adequate. Stocking up on colorful shorts, wide sleeve blouses, beautiful sundresses or gorgeous tunics all from one place is far from a challenge.

Yet another important style element that’s worth noticing from the newest lookbook are the accessories, which instantly perk up the already fab outfits put together even more. Wide brim hats, golden flats, on trend wedges, or gorgeous jewelry pieces are great choices if you’re looking for low effort ways to shine this summer. Indulge in ultra fabulous pieces to ensure you’ll become memorable without even trying.

Photo courtesy of Trina Turk