Tracy Anderson doesn’t just focus on making her clients fit and slim. She partnered up with Gwyneth Paltrow and is bringing a new leggings line to help women look good and feel good while exercising and even beyond that. The new leggings won’t break one’s budget though. Made out of 85 percent nylon and 15 percent Lycra spandex, the leggings retail for $60.

Tracy Anderson’s new leggings line is inspired by her preferences for patterns and answers a request made by her fans. She told “I did a special collection for Edition01 which were all-black leggings [$125] and everyone freaked out. They said, “You always wear the coolest patterns and shapes and colors and the right materials. I really like to keep a pulse on my audience. Affordable leggings are something I would wear, so I decided to give that to them.The leggings are youthful and fun. The leggings are black with bright bubble-gum polka dots on them, and one is a tartan plaid and one’s sparkly.”

To give fans an idea of the support that they can expect and the performance fans can expect from the new leggings, Anderson stated: “When I work out, I don’t care about things being moisture wicked. I like the Lycra spandex very thin. They’re supportive, but not too supportive to where you can’t move and feel you can exercise properly. When you’re exercising you’re supposed to be able to not feel constricted. People show up in pants basically like Spanx, but that’s not the appropriate way to allow for circulation and movement.”

Tracy Anderson Leggins Line

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Though the leggings are currently available only on the renowned trainer’s website,, she hopes to expand her line to popular retailers for maximum exposure, stating that she would sell them at Target if doing so would inspire women to get active. She will also offer tank tops, sports bras and is even considering adding sweatpants. Tank tops retail for $39.50, the sports bras are $29.99, and T-shirts range from $11 to $15.

Tracy Anderson Leggins Line Tracy Anderson Leggins Line

Photos: Tracy Anderson