The days when heading towards the fireplace will become almost an instinct aren’t that far away and if you want to make sure you’ll look as glamorous and elegant as possible, you’ll definitely want to see the new alternatives Tory Burch has prepared for holiday 2012. Far from focusing on fads and eccentric options, the label brings the core concepts of elegance in fabulous pieces you’ll gladly wear long after the season is over. A timeless appeal surrounds the newest outfits from the shopable lookbook.

Few things can match the refinement and elegance of a dress, which is why we get to see a variety of classy alternatives presented for the occasion. Timeless, simple yet spectacular options which be the base of many fabulous outfits for a multitude of occasions. The little black dress is one of the most obvious examples but the palette of choices extends much further. Monochrome pieces and simple black and white combos are often preferred to overly flashy touches.

Emphasizing femininity is one of the top concerns of the label which is why elements like lace, ruffles and peplums are beautifully highlighted as a simple way to make a fun statement without sacrificing style or versatility in the process. If you’re feeling bolder, sequined tops are a fabulous choice if you’re not afraid of stealing the spotlight. Keeping things classy is almost always a failproof way of making a fun statement.

A beautiful set of accessories is a must for completing the look and a well chosen clutch and a beautiful elegant yet still comfy pair of pumps can be all you need to complete the look. These final styling touches can completely transform an outfit, so make sure to use them wisely for a fabulous impression instantly. Draw inspiration from the newest lookbook for the upcoming festive days.

Photo courtesy of Tory Burch