The holiday season is closer than we like to admit and preparing adequately style wise is mandatory. Don’t wait until the last minute to decide on which pieces will be flattering enough to make you stand out. Instead, score the latest collections conveniently set up by your favorite retailers months ahead to help you gain fresh outfit ideas.

The holiday 2011 Tory Burch lookbook focuses on soft yet powerful contrast to create elegant and fairly understated looks. Feminine, fashionable and easy to wear, the looks presented can be easily recreated in real life. The collection perfectly recreates the feeling of versatility and refinement provided by pieces that are not necessarily super elegant, but that manage to dazzle when mixed and matched adequately.

Color wise, the clothes are fairly versatile with mostly neutral tones that significantly increase the number of combination possibilities. Subtle ruffles, stripes, fur accents or inconspicuous sequins and rhinestones are a few of the fashion trends that can be spotted throughout the lookbook. At a quick glance at the accessories choices included in the lookbook it can be immediately noticed that this is were the real fun begins. With a bolder approach in terms of color and pattern choices, the accessories truly are the spice of the looks.

There’s a great tendency lately to use golden touches to give a luxurious, even opulent allure to accessories in general and the Tory Burch brand definitely supports this tendency, including several details that revolve around this trend for a classy touch. By all appearances, the animal print and fur trends are here to stay and the accessories included in the collection are a fabulous choice for those who don’t want to make these trends a central part of their outfits.

Photo courtesy of Tory Burch