Topshop seems to have taken advantage of the variety of fashion trends that emerged this fall 2012 season as the brand created not one, not two, but four fabulous fashion collections for the season. One of the collections that made our hearts skip a beat is titled Sensationalist and seems to lean towards a darker, mystery-seductress style, a perfect option for the honeys that want to make heads turn every time they step out.

Grungy-glam elements have dominated the catwalk this fall 2012 season and it seems that Topshop has made sure fashionistas can still adopt that trendy runway-worthy style without having to seriously damage their budget. Topshop’s Sensationalist line seems to celebrate femininity and style through edgy details that deliver a high visual impact and that cannot be overlooked. These garments however are not for the faint-hearted, so make sure you’ve got the attitude to rock these edgy chic garments before you put your own print on the pieces by mixing and matching them to suit your personality best.

Apparently, jewel encrusted pieces are in vogue and Topshop made sure this particular detail amps-up the style in both utilitarian style shirts/top and dresses. Femininity and stylish dresses and skirts seem to be perfectly connected, so no wonder that Topshop added stylish maxi black skirts and rock’n’roll jewel encrusted or fringe detail dresses in the Sensationalist collection for women to underline their ever-feminine yet powerful personality.

For the honeys that want to achieve a mix between grunge and office styles, the brand put together a selection of mixes using blazers, utilitarian shirts, black paillettes skirts and fabulously tailored metallic snakeskin trousers, so mash-up these elements to create a look that is truly sensational. Chic, empowering, sexy and with a high dose of edginess, Topshop’s Sensationalist collection is definitely worth checking out, so explore the vast and intriguing world of fashion and style!

Photos courtesy of Topshop