Topshop is making sure comfort, style and freshness are juxtaposed perfectly in its Scandi Girl fall 2012 fashion collection, so fashionistas can look and feel stunning without having to spend too much browsing through the latest fashion creations to find a chic casual ensemble that will make heads turn.

Inspired by Nordic styles, Topshop’s Scandi Girl collection brings into our attention fabulous designs that will make your hearts melt despite the cold weather that is characteristic for the season.

Fashion is supposed to be fun and the new collection signed Topshop is definitely not missing this ‘ingredient’ as the stylish separates are packed with rich berry shades, pale icy colors, vintage details, faux-fur insertions and comfy knitted textures. The cosy textures aim to provide both comfort and style and paired with modern patterns that are layered to add a bit of sophistication to a look, the result couldn’t have been any more impressive.

Comfort-seeking honeys will no longer have to choose between this particular element that is a must for them and chicness as Topshop’s Scandi Girl designs fused perfectly these elements to enable women to experience the confidence boosting properties of fashionable garments. Denim skirts and shirts paired with contrasting textures such as knitted sweaters and ankle boots, stylish denim dresses, knee high socks paired with knitted jumpers, jacquard fur vests, biker jackets, kitted pullover dresses, floral embroidered tees and floral print shorts are only a few of the items that will help you have fun putting together a cool autumnal outfit. The art of layering can help you achieve a whole new level of sophistication with your style and the garments featured in this collection make layering seem super easy. Just mix and match and rock out your cozy, casual Nordic style outfit!

Photos courtesy of Topshop