Topshop has emphasized the need for variety in fashion this fall 2012 season by launching several fashion collections that deliver jaw-dropping, clashing styles and one of the collections is featured in the brand’s Pennsylvania fall 2012 lookbook. Topshop’s Pennsylvania has to do with fierce, uber-stylish elements that seem to defy all the rules in fashion. The head-turning power of borrowed from the boys garments, oversized and androgynous pieces paired with flirty, uber-feminine elements such as ruffles, lace and floral motifs is undeniable, so now the honeys that don’t fear fashion and love to push the boundaries with their style will have a blast raiding the fantastic collection.

Fashion is supposed to be fun and Topshop aims to turn dressing up into a pleasureful experience: try everything. Mixing and matching various styles and synchronizing them to form an unbreakable fusion requires an expert eye as the art of layering is not easy to master, but with a little bit of practice you can achieve a look that will make heads turn through its sophistication.

Casual looking garments don’t have to look boring as Topshop’s Pennsylvania lookbook demonstrates, so if you’re ready to revamp your fall season wardrobe, make sure you browse through the fabulous collection that includes boyish separates, embellished/plaid country inspired shirts, comfy oversized coats, flirty ruffled skirts, vintage blazers, stylish dresses, androgynous trousers and a variety of cool looking boots.

Photos courtesy of Topshop