Party season is getting closer and closer and leaving shopping for the last moment is a guarantee of needless stress and worries. That’s why some of the most important retailers such as Topshop already released helpful style guides to help customers get inspired and create fabulous outfits in tone with the occasion.

Parties are an occasion of self expression when style inhibitions are not necessary. This seems to be the concept Topshop has endorsed in the latest lookbook. High wattage shine, fringes, fur inserts, bold colors, leather and lace…nothing is out of reach in the latest collection released by the retailer. Seductive, fashionable and attention grabbing, the looks have an undeniable vibe of youthfulness.

Sexy dresses, sheer details, golden or silver touches, star or animal prints are perfect choices for an instant festive touch. Affordable trend expression with a playful vibe is one of the concepts the brand tries to bring into the cold winter days. Elegant and classy or colorful, complex, youthful and fairly edgy are the two concepts that the brand uses in creating the looks. The modern touch all outfits have in common is also hard to miss.

Contrasts through texture and color are not the only things that create an alluring look. Well chosen colorful accessories are also an important part that can make the difference between a plain outfit and one that invariably stands out. Interestingly enough, although most of the accessory choices are not particularly striking, they immediately stand out, especially in the case of jewelry. Gold and silver combos are another style element that stands out and that can be an easy yet effective focal point.

Photo courtesy of Topshop