Too often we try to look at the latest catalog of a brand only to find that the looks cater to a single type of style perspective that doesn’t match our own. This is not the case for Topshop, which always tackles different styles and aims to help every woman in the targeted age group feel represented and find at least a few interesting options to consider. The High Summer collection celebrates style diversity and provides a series of alluring pieces in various styles.

A high focus on prints without a particular preference as far as style is concerned immediately becomes the focal point of the collection. A multitude of tones put into a complex pattern, various textures that combine for a spectacular effect and a funky note, ’80s style influences along with bold touches and pastels for a subtle contrast all provide diverse alternatives for various types of comfort in terms of self expression.

Femininity is not expressed through the regular route of big floral prints or super flowy dresses. Instead, usual combos transform simple pieces into eclectic outfit starting points that inevitably create a strong impression and don’t go unnoticed. Sporty vibes with a light color touch are also reflected by clean cuts, forgiving proportions and a touch of minimalism with a surprisingly creative vibe. All in all, the choices are far from being restricted and, while recreating entire combos might prove challenging, it’s sure worth looking for fabulous pieces.

While the combos steal the spotlight initially, at a closer look we are able to spot a series of interesting accessory choices that contribute to the eclectic vibe of the looks. Flatforms, knee socks, wedge sneakers or metallic finish sandals are some of the rather irregular choices that prove to be creative focal points of the collection and which might be a point of interest for those looking for similar effects to complete their outfits.

Photo courtesy of Topshop