The new season comes with a lot of interesting trends. We’ve seen that animal prints aren’t going anywhere and that tweed pieces are back in, but what else is there aside from faux fur touches? Well, the Topshop campaign solves the mystery bringing several additional style elements worth analyzing a little deeper. Well, going the safe route is definitely overrated if we are to judge by the newest looks which are made to capture the spotlight immediately.

Focusing on a defining style perspective would leave out a variety of fun touches that suit different personalities and the brand refrains from posing this needless limitation in the latest campaign. Like grunge influences, sporty vibes or leather touches? The label has them all covered. Playing with proportions has never been an issue for the label which has always put the principle to test with surprisingly pleasant results. A boxy jacket placed over skinny jeans can be the catchy element you were looking for to step out of the style routine.

There are a few looks that maintain a high appeal whether or not they are spotted on the runway. Army inspired looks have something extremely alluring about them which makes fashionistas want to rock the look over and over. Overalls, shearling or distressed denim are other examples of looks destined to be remembered and constantly reinterpreted. Of course, if you’re still interested in rocking floral prints for fall, you’d need some adjustments to fit the new season and the label shows a fabulous way of carrying the trend into fall.

Abstract vibes and geometric touches can also be a fabulous base for eye-catching ensembles and the label is definitely dedicated to showing the multiple ways in which you can rock these pieces for a fab statement everytime. If you’re into strong visual interest for your outfits, you won’t have to worry too much about accessorizing. You can, however, rock the wedge sneaker trend if you’re trying to keep your look edgy and current.

Photo courtesy of Topshop