For the rainy days of the year, a return towards classics and a serious touch are more than welcome. Topshop has fully subscribed to this idea with the ‘Factory Girl’ collection which brings back some of the most distinguishable British touches we’ve seen in a while. The focus towards versatility, fun options that exude sophistication along with occasional fun touches immediately help us envision a multitude of possibilities in terms of mixing and matching.

Strong ’60s inspiration can be sensed all across the collection which blends the need for classiness with a sense of coziness and deceiving simplicity which cannot help but become instantly desirable. Aside from the rather rare color punches, a sense of seriousness is the defining perspective color-wise. Whether you’re on the quest for key retro pieces or for versatile, ultra adaptable ones, the newest collection will definitely prove a good starting point.

Unlike the uber feminine options that are dominating the current season, the brand aims to take us to a more androgynous terrain. Therefore, we are able to see a variety of preppy touches, mod vibes, well defined proportions and a multitude of bold accents that make the looks extremely insightful. The polished allure is hard to miss, especially thanks to the enviable hairstyles presented. Polished, classy, gorgeous. The only three attributes you’ll need to remember to be able to stand out this fall.

Keeping things practical is a top concern, which is why we don’t get to see a lot of uber conspicuous options in the newest collection. Cute loafers and classy black pumps along with versatile shoulder bags are the only accessories you’ll need if you’re interested in going for a similar look. Returning to basics is always an interesting way to spice up your looks, especially if you’re adding the right flair to the looks.

Photo courtesy of Topshop