The Topshop Reclaim to Wear collection is the second collaboration between the British retailer and designers Filippo Ricci and Orsola de Castro of the label Reclaim to Wear. Given the success of the previous summer line for 2012, the initiative couldn’t be more exciting. Stephen Mongan, Topshop head of sourcing and technical services stated that the new line is aiming to bring a new lease of life to discarded past season pieces: “The inspiration behind the collection was to turn away from disposable fashion, giving a new lease of life to disregarded prints from previous seasons.”

Not only are the pieces from the new Topshop Reclaim to Wear 2013 collection made from left over fabrics to diminish waste, they were also produced in Britain, encouraging local production. The romantic and whimsical flair of the new Topshop Reclaim to Wear 2013 collection will most likely appeal to fashionistas who love delicate feminine pieces. These summer essentials are meant to steal the spotlight and, the fabulous intricate prints spotted in the new line ensure the looks will never fail to turn heads. Collections like these, filled with exciting alternatives start challenging the notion that co-friendly clothes are sub-par in terms of designs.

Topshop Reclaimed To Wear DressTopshop Floral Panel DressTopshop Floral Print CamiTopshop Printed Slit Skirt

The pieces from the new Topshop Reclaim to Wear collection are all made of 100% silk and are machine washable. Printed split skirts, spectacular printed camies, oversized printed shirts, floral panel dresses or wide leg coulette shorts are the options the new line offers for eco friendly fashionistas in need of spectacular offerings for the sunny days.

Topshop Print Strappy CamiTopshop Wide Leg Culotte ShortsTopshop Reclaimed To Wear Line 2013Topshop Slit Skirt

The seven pieces from the Topshop Reclaim to Wear collection are already available for purchase in Topshop stores on the British retailer’s website. The new pieces retail for prices between £34 and £70 or $68 to $140. Are you concerned with the environmental impact of your clothes? Are you interesting in purchasing eco-friendly clothes or are style and price the main factors that influence your decision?