The Topshop holiday 2013 collection can be a great fashion choice as it’s filled with eclectic festive options worth taking a closer look at. The time to select a cool holiday outfit is slowly running out, but if you’re in need of a bit of style inspiration, there’s no better time than the present to take a closer look at the options retailers are putting out. The new Topshop holiday 2013 collection is a great place to start as it features a variety of styles worth exploring. From trend-infused options to classic designs with a quirky twist, the new choices are sure to attract attention.

Topshop’s holiday 2013 collection encourages fashionistas to look beyond tried and tested options in order to find pieces that show a side of their personality that isn’t often revealed. The label brings plenty of sparkly outfits for an instant festive allure, but also who offer an interesting view on the upcoming season’s hottest trends, both shape and pattern-wise. It seems like the label decided to see how boxy, sporty shapes can be adapted for an elegant look and brought plenty of cool masculine inspired looks into the spotlight.

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The new Topshop holiday 2013 line even brings a winter holiday favorite staple: the velvet suit. Though a velvet suit is quite a big statement, those who love the fabric might find it’s a fairly good alternative to the velvet dress. Plus, the masculine flair of the item definitely brings a hint of edginess to the look. Faux fur is another trend the label brings into the spotlight for the holidays. A faux fur jacket can be a great topper which can make even the most basic look stand out.

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The accessories included in the new Topshop Christmas 2013 line are designed to have a cool trendy vibe, but they are designed to have a subtle impact. Chic clutches in a variety of fabrics, subtle bracelets or big earrings along with simple sandals are the options the label brings into the spotlight for the new season accessories-wise.

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