It’s becoming clearer and clearer. The laissez–faire attitude that dominates the current season will no longer be the norm in the upcoming months. The style guidelines for fall are much better defined and they all revolve around creating a polished look every single time. The Tommy Hilfiger label has always been centered around this concept of clearly defined style perspectives with a classy touch. The Craig McDean photoshoot encapsulates the label’s vision perfectly with a variety of perfect countryside ensembles which grab attention instantly.

A return to the tried and tested is extremely visible in the new fall 2012 campaign. Retro vibes, a concern with well defined proportions, carefully chosen color touches along with a similar attitude towards accessorizing are the key directions recommended for the months to come. Tweed is once again a highly valued staple to make the colder days a lot more comfortable without the slightest compromise in style. Looking sharp is extremely easy with the sound rules endorsed in the campaign.

With Noah Mills, Jacquelyn Jablonski, Max Rogers, Andre Douglas, Bernard Fouquet, Chloe Blackshire, Arthur Kulkov, Gracie Carvalho, Julia Hafstrom, Lea Sorensen, Marcel Castenmiller, Sam Way, Toni Garrn, Tao Okamoto and Thomas Gledhill all starring in the campaign, the label does a fantastic job breaking drown the possibilities the new season offers for both genders. The serene and so traditional scenery also contributes to the overall appeal of the new seaoson alternatives.

While the idea behind the campaign may or may not resonate with everyone, the accessories are quite an eye-catcher and might prove the most intensely coveted items from the brand.Warm and cozy vests, classy long flat boots or versatile and roomy handbags which can easily win the ‘investment piece’ title are definitely note-worthy and extremely tempting.

Photo courtesy of Tommy Hilfiger